About AIQPros

4.5 million home improvement service providers operate across the U.S.
If you are one of them, you've come to the right place.

The AIQPros platform provides all home improvement businesses, single service providers and large home improvement companies alike, with a full technological solution enabling them to earn more, spend less, optimize and scale up their business in a way like never before.

AIQPRos is all about collaborative intelligence (CI) – putting the wisdom of your specific market in your hands and artificial intelligence (AI) making the power of technology work in your favor.
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All Encompassing Solution

Business branding and exposure, high quality pinpointed leads, optimized sales, simultaneous management of multiple projects as well as data and fact-based business decision making and management are all part of the unique platform.

Together they enable business owners and managers to easily manage and operate all daily business activities lowering their costs, raising their profits and growing their business every step of the way.

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Marketing & Advertising
Maximum exposure and pinpointed, top quality leads

The AIQHome portal and marketplace www.aiqhome.com, through a host of content (in article and video formats), location and service based directories and user friendly AI enhanced search engines, connects genuine homeowners requiring projects with perfectly suited service providers operating in their area.

The marketing and advertising segment of the AIQOPros platforms enables you to easily open and close advertising campaigns, and effectively manage advertising costs.

The behind the scenes AI helps businesses just like yours grow, obtain the best quality leads and maximize returns.

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Sales management
Process automation, optimal lead processing, backlog and error elimination all within a fully controlled sales pipeline process.

The AI enhanced sales management segment provides full process management, overview and control, using an inherent lead tracking and progress segment, meetings and tasks log, notifications and alerts system, even personnel progress reports all designed to streamline and optimize your sales efforts and increase your revenues due to higher lead to sale ratios.

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The Project Management Segment
Effective management of multiple projects simultaneously, effective collaboration with outside sources and providers, detailed manpower, costs and expenses reports and notifications

AIQPros BI enhanced Project Management Segment provides you with all the tools required to actively manage multiple projects simultaneously helping you gain maximum control with minimum errors and constraints.

Reducing projects' expenses through full control of all projects and each individual process,

Shortening project time frames through hands-on control of all projects at all times and assuring high customer satisfaction through punctuality and project budget control.

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The Business Management Segment
Fine-tuned business performance, effective monitoring of all processes, data and fact-based decision making.

AIQPros unique Collaborative Intelligence technology puts the power of the market in your hands. Automatic, continuous collection of data across the industry enables the platform to make data driven decisions and recommendations enabling all platform users maximum scaling and growth.

AIQPros Business Management Segment enables you to actively manage all your business aspects reducing your running costs, upgrading personnel management, improving your financial performance, maximizing your resource allocation and providing you with full operation control whilst enabling you to make educated, fact based decisions optimizing your business every step of the way.

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Looking ahead
AIQPros is growing to become the all-encompassing solution for all service providers within the industry.

Imagine being able to manage every bit of your business from just one easy to use platform – arranging best suited loans for your customers, ordering special priced supplies for your projects, purchasing best quality tools and getting them delivered wherever needed, enlisting qualified subcontractors as needed, getting the best insurance quotes and approvals, managing accountancy procedures, all that and more by just clicking the right buttons.

AIQPros will soon be providing you all that and more.
Join the service providers already upgrading and scaling up their businesses.

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