About AIQHome

AIQHome is the complete one-stop-shop platform, portal & market-place for the U.S home improvement market sector, catering to 130 million homeowners and property owners and 4.5 million professional service providers nationwide.

The AIQHome portal provides homeowners requiring home improvement, renovation and repair projects with all the information and tools required, in article & video formats to successfully complete the required services.

The AIQHome Marketplace includes technologically advanced artificial intelligence enhanced search engines and professional service providers' indexes developed to perfectly match and connect homeowners in over 3,000 counties across the country with qualified, certified professionals operating in their vicinity who specialize in the precisely required services and projects.
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Our Pros

The AIQPros professional platform is AIQHome's proprietary developed business platform providing home improvement, renovation & repair businesses of any size with a full A-Z solution assuring business optimization, fast scaling and efficient growth.

The AIQPros solution enables optimized advertising and lead generation, sales process management, hands-on multiple projects management and a complete business management solution and control in one, user friendly simple to use platform.

The AIQPros complex, behind the scenes technology incorporates the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI) and Collaborative Intelligence (CI) to assure the creation of qualified leads through automatically optimized campaigns and content; automation of previously manual processes, assuring optimal lead processing and a fully controlled sales pipeline process; full control & efficient management of all processes in multiple on-site projects and a single environment for operating and monitoring of all business processes along with fact based decision making through simple yet detailed AI analyzed reports.

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our pros
The AIQHome Magazine & AIQHomeTV provide users with a wealth of information and insights in article and video formats on all featured home improvement categories and services.

The magazine supplies homeowners with accurate and relevant information regarding ideas and professional insights, design and materials, financing options and more, all provided by experts in each field and all designed to assist users in making the wisest choices when it comes to remodeling or fixing up their homes.
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AIQOO develops a market disrupting technological platform based on data analysis and automatic decision-making catering to the home improvement sector.

In-house developed unique sets of deep AI and BI algorithms are incorporated to form a complete technological solution.

AIQHome's CI - the compounded data of all participating entities - enables analysis of actions required by each entity to achieve individual and common goals.
AIQHome's unique algorithms operate cross market not per individual user.

Stats, technological conclusions, decision-making and optimization are deduced from the comparable market to the individual provider.
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Investor Relations
AIQ established 2018 is an innovative technology company headquartered in Israel. Its subsidiary, distribution company and brand AIQHome, is based in Delaware USA.

The company develops a market disrupting AI, Bi & CI solution for the U.S home services market sector providing home improvement businesses of all sizes and capacity with a unique A-Z solution assuring business optimization, fast scaling and efficient growth.
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Business Partnerships
AIQHome operates within the U.S home improvement sphere and is rising to become an industry leader providing precise solutions to 4.5 million certified service providers and 130 million property owners and homeowners nationwide.

As such, AIQHome forms co-operations and partnerships with various professional entities within the sphere, including home improvement loan and finance companies and providers, professional supplies conglomerates, international advertising platforms, large scale immediate communication providers, e-commerce leaders and more.