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AIQ established 2018 is an innovative technology company headquartered in Israel. Its subsidiary, the distribution company and brand AIQHome, is based in Delaware USA.

The company develops a market disrupting AI (Artificial Intelligence), BI (Business Intelligence) & CI (Collaborative Intelligence) solution for the U.S home services market sector providing home improvement businesses of all sizes and capacity with a unique A-Z solution assuring business optimization, fast scaling and efficient growth.
4.5M Active service providers
130M Residential property owners
$407.1B Home services transactions
$10B Annual spending growth rate

The market (2019):

  • 130 million homeowners and property owners
  • 4.5 million active professional service providers in 60 home improvement, renovation, construction and repair fields
  • Over $400 Billion in transactions
  • Annual growth rate over $10 Billion
A number of prime factors led the company to focus on the U.S home services market:
  • The market size
  • The market's stability
  • The lack of all-encompassing tech solutions within the sector
  • The limited number of large market dominating players and the multimillion-dollar value of each player
  • Market players' focus on homeowners, not on home improvement businesses and service providers
  • The similarities between all home services markets worldwide – enabling future expansion globally
A full solution for the home services market
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Business Goals
4.5 million service providers operate within the sector. On average, 20%, over 900,000 service providers, spend a minimum of $20,000 per month on marketing and advertising the service they provide.

Less than 4% of all active service providers use technological solutions for managing their business.

We operate in over 2,000 services in more than 3,000 counties across the U.S.

By providing businesses with the full marketing & advertising, sales optimization, project management and business optimization A-Z solution, one that replaces all other sporadic business tools they currently use, our customer base is growing quickly and is fast becoming profoundly reliant on the platform for all their daily business activities, business performance and optimization.

The ease of expansion within the sector and the customer base's full reliance on the platform will enable us to easily scale up and dominate extensive business sectors within the market.

With that in mind, we continuously develop additional platform features, growing the scale of the platform and it's abilities not only in terms of highly technological AI enhanced features but also in forming co-operations and partnership with contiguous entities within the sphere.

Entities that will benefit from the vast number of active businesses within the platform and that will provide additional value to the service providers' daily activities.

Such entities include home improvement loan and finance companies and providers, professional supplies conglomerates and national home improvement retail chains, large scale immediate communication providers, warranty and insurance providers, e-commerce leaders and more.
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In-house developed unique sets of deep AI and BI algorithms are incorporated to form a complete technological solution.

AIQHome's CI - the compounded data of all participating entities - enables analysis of actions required by each entity to achieve individual and common goals.

AIQHome's unique algorithms operate cross market not per individual user.

Stats, technological conclusions, decision-making and optimization are deduced from the comparable market to the individual provider.
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Ever growing and deepening data and unending flow of gathered information provides AIQ with Big Data of very detailed nature.

Inherent AI algorithms, BI processes and collective and collaborative data sharing (CI) together produce increasingly detailed audience groups and specific needs of both businesses and clients in various market sectors.

Todays’ targets will ultimately create for AIQ New Industry verticals to enter and the creation of new, previously undiscovered market segments.

AIQ's unique, easily adjusted platform will enable us to enter any chosen vertical, with abundant detailed data regarding its sector quickly and with ease.

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AIQ Leading Team
The company is led by a seasoned, market-leading management team
Adir Dayan
Adir Dayan
Founder & CEO
Creator of the AIQ concept
16 years marketing and sales experience
International consultant to large telemarketing and sales companies
Partner and former CEO of the technology innovative Insurance & Finance Experts Center
Amir Tal
Amir Tal
Founder & CMO
Online marketing expert
20 years digital marketing experience in search, organic and social media
Former founder of the data communication technology company IFP whose successes were highlighted by its exit in 2007
Moshe Habas
Moshe Habas
Former leading technology officer in an elite military unit.
Former partner & CTO of a leading Israeli software development accelerator.
Technology consultant to numerous young technology start-ups
Dana Borderes
Dana Borderes
Business Development Manager
20 years experience in international marketing management
Experienced business development manager
Professional positions in various overseas enterprises
Mark Palamountain
Mark Palamountain
US Investments & Finance
CFO, Treasurer & Corporate Secretary of Nasdaq traded Limoneira
Former CEO and founder of Perpetual Power LLC
Former Managing Director, Head of Nasdaq Trading for Broadpoint Securities
Amos Israeli
Prof. Amos Israeli
Mathematics and Algorithms
Dean of the computer science department - Qiryat Ono Academic College
P.h.D in Computer Science (The Technion)
Renowned algorithms and distributed computing researcher