Backyard Planning

The backyard you’ve always dreamed of is actually a lot more attainable than you may think

Many people get discouraged when planning their back/front yard renovations, because the options and possibilities can appear overwhelming. In truth, if you go about it the right way – it’s much easier than it seems. Here is how.

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Your front lawn is what creates your home’s first impression. It’s what your guests see first, and what people who pass by will think of your home. Therefore, it is as important to invest in its appearance as any other part of your property, and perhaps even more. Apart from that, the yard is where our families create many of their treasured memories. The financial value of renovating your yard is apparent as well, so that money spent making your yard beautiful may actually pay off down the line – as you can expect an estimated 70% ROI (return on investment) when you sell.

Yard renovation projects costs are usually a derivative of two main factors – the land size and the design planned. For example, replanting the lawn, touching-up the fence and planting some trees on a quarter-acre yard costs approximately 7k$-10k$, while a renovation that includes hardscaping, gazebos, ponds, decks or patios on half-acre yard may reach 60k$ and more.

So before you get started, it’s always wise to set a budget - that way you won't get carried away, adding more and more features and finding yourself overspending. There are endless possibilities in terms of amenities you can add to your yard. Don’t be tempted to go overboard, choose only what will be of use and joy, to you and your family. Keep in mind that this type of spending has the worst ROI upon selling - a swimming pool, for example will only give you 39 cents for every dollar spent.

When choosing plants or trees, make sure you pick ones that are native to your area, as they will probably be less expensive, as well as blend-in with their surroundings without looking out of place - but above all, will prove easier to maintain. Also, if you have a large yard, with a lot of terrain to cover, you should consider using crushed stone or garden rocks as they are far less expensive than plants or a lawn, and will definitely be much less troublesome in terms of maintenance.

Another important tip is that in today’s information rich world, you will easily find DIY tutorials, and instructional videos for doing as much as you can on your own. This can be a money saver, not to mention a great experience for your family.

The last thing you should keep in mind is that yard renovations and construction might require permits, varying depending on local government. You can consult a landscape designer in your area about it before starting. If you end up deciding on having him or her create the renovation plan and design your yard, that may be the safest way of going about it, in which cas

So before starting your yard improvement journey, set your budget, check for required permits, create a design and do as much as you can yourself. Keep in mind the value that your dream backyard can bring to your life – after all, what could be better than making yourself a fresh lemonade and going out to enjoy it your new garden?

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