Hottest Kitchen Trends

Are you ready to let some color into your life? 2020’s hottest kitchen trends

In previous years - the clean and neutral kitchen design was clearly the dominant style that homeowners chose. 2020 however, changes the rules entirely.

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The kitchen is a place of joy, creativity, exuberance and love of life - so why should it remain the cold and colorless place we have become accustomed to? This year one of the prominent trends in home decor is colorful kitchens. After too many years of dark greys and bleached white taupes, your kitchen cabinets will get a lot more colorful. According to leading industry design experts, the hottest color of 2020 will be green in brighter shades, blue shades from sky to navy, coral, chartreuse, pale mint, peach and even multiple colors combined. Nowadays people are a lot more daring when they go about designing their kitchens. We have been seeing a surge in the use of temporary wallpaper as the design of walls and cabinets is gradually becoming more playful. Temporary wallpaper allows homeowners to experiment with new designs that they otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

Colors are finding their way into our kitchens through appliances as well. Some consider the kitchen appliances to be the “color pioneers”, as the trend of colorful appliances in bold and shiny colors actually never left and has been with us since the 1950’s. Designers are now mixing colorful appliances with stainless steel, bronze and gold in many modern kitchens.

With all that color being splashed around, one area that remains immune to change is the countertop. Probably due to practical and functional reasons, marble and engineered quartz countertops have remained just as popular as in previous years. Set into those countertops are the sinks that are getting more attention - they are bigger and come with endless styles and finishes. One trending sink style, for example, is the gorgeous baroque style of light gold colored sinks with a matching faucets.

Last but not least, we're seeing the rearrangement of kitchen cabinets. Designers are now pulling down upper cabinets, and we see more use of the lower ones instead. As kitchen islands have already become a must in every designed kitchen, there is more cabin space created, and less need to waste upper spaces that can be otherwise used to add windows and spaces for cooking. We see more and more appliances migrating to the lower cabinets - like microwaves and food processors that were previously located either on a countertop or in an upper cabinet, now joining the dishwasher in the lower cabinetry. The idea is to create a sense of space and to increase practicality.

Overall, 2020’s new kitchen trends are fun, playful and colorful. They are consistent with the general notion of practicality, combined with a more daring and joyful approach to design – not unlike trends we've already been seeing for other areas of our home.

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