Renew Your Deck

Is it possible to renew your deck?

Many property owners ask whether it is possible to renew the deck, wondering whether it might be better to just go ahead and replace it all together. In this guide you will learn that deck restorations are not only probable - they are practically a guaranteed success.

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ou go outside, look at your deck and see a faded rotting lifeless deck with nails protruding out of it. The wood is dry and discolored and the whole thing just looks like a nightmare. Don’t worry - that’s what we are here for and we promise that with a day's work your neglected deck will be beautiful once again.

Start by power washing the entire deck. In order to protect the wood, use a 15-degree nozzle that is fan shaped, and make sure to keep it moving as you wash. Also pay attention to work with the nozzle at approximately 6-8 inches from the wood. This will get rid of chipped wood pieces, as well as clean the wood and prepare it for the next step. After this step the change will already be visible - but keep going there is more!

You don’t have to let the wood dry and you can move directly on to the next stage, which is applying a wood cleaner and brightener. This is to eliminate mold and remove stains caused by mildew, algae and fungi. But mainly it will bring your wood closer to its original color.

Protection tips - because the wood cleaner is an extremely potent material make sure to use rubber gloves and protective goggles. If your deck has grass around it, wash the grass with water before applying the wood cleaner – this will serve to dilute any spilled cleaner that might ruin the grass. Repeat with a rinse after you have finished applying the cleaner.

Put the cleaner undiluted into a pump, and pump it 25 times to build pressure. Next, evenly spray the cleaner all over the deck. Once you finish spraying use a synthetic brush, to brush the cleaner deeply into the wood. Leave it be and wait for 15 minutes, then rinse the deck with a garden hose.

When the deck is dry, you’ll be able to identify the more stubborn stains that may have refused to come out. You can sand them out using an orbital sand and 80-grid paper.

The next step is to apply a coat of waterproofing stain and sealer - go semi-transparent for darker colored wood and transparent for lighter hues. This sealer contains elastomeric polymers that enable it to expand and contract with the wood during weather fluctuations, keeping the wood protected under changing conditions. Use a narrow brush to apply the sealer in the cracks between the boards and a deck staining pad to apply it all over the deck. One thick and consistent coat should be enough. Always use the pad in the direction of the grain.

After two to three hours, the sealer should be dry, and that means you’re all done. Congratulations on renewing your deck in a single day.

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