Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom like a pro

Upgrading your bathroom doesn't have to be a complicated and overwhelming task - in this short guide you’ll get the basic knowledge you’ll need to get going.

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One of the rooms in your home that time does not do justice with - is your bathroom. Water stains, dampness, fungi and water damage to tiles or interior walls are just a few examples homeowners point to, when asked about their reason to renovate and renew their bathrooms. While others decide to update the old looking design and enjoy a stylish and new bathroom.

Bathroom renovations can vary greatly in terms of overall costs and results. You can expect to pay anywhere between 5k$ to 50k$. Of course, the size of your bathroom will affect the price, but there are other important points you should take into consideration before getting started, if you want to save money and get the best out of a new bathroom.

The floor plan will be your biggest decision going into this project - and is the key factor that will determine your overall cost. If you are happy about where the shower, toilets and the sinks are located, then you will find yourself on the less expensive and simpler path, as you only wish to upgrade materials and installments. If you wish, on the other hand, to expand the bathroom, add niches, change the location of plumbing fixtures, you can most likely expect to pay over 30k$.

Contractors - who should you hire and what to pay attention to

Like with any other professional you contract it's very important to read reviews and interview the contractor personally. When you invite them into your home and show them your bathroom, don’t hesitate to ask design related questions. It’s recommended to use the contractor's experience and even allow them to get creative - it can lead to results that you couldn’t imagine beforehand and save you money as well.

An important tip - almost all contractors mark-up faucets, tiles and, plumbing fixtures, cabinets other material. This shouldn't be a dealbreaker for you, as long as the markup is reasonable of course. The comfort of not having to search and match each one of those individually is not the only reason for this markup. When a contractor provides those materials, he is basically assuming responsibility over them - and if something fails during the installation process, or even after the work is done, he will have to replace it without billing you. The other and more affordable, yet risky option, is to bring all those materials on your own without any warranties.

So - you have decided to remodel your bathroom, you’ve set a budget, interviewed and chosen a contractor, decided on a design and beautiful new features, signed a contract and agreed on a time frame for completing the job. That’s all well, but don't forget this following step many ignore - inspection and warranties. It is especially important with new installments and plumbing, to make sure that they are tested, not only upon finishing the work but in the following days as well. Be aware of your contractor’s responsibility for that, according to your contract.

Now, all that’s left is to enjoy your new bathroom.

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