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Nowadays more and more people are discovering the DIY method, referring to “Do It Yourself” – modifying, building, or repairing things on their own, without the guidance or help of experts or professionals.

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Whether you have some necessary repairs and improvements needed in your house, old furniture to renew, or just want to create something artistic – plenty of creative ideas could pop up from just a simple Google or YouTube search.

Home RenoVision DIY

If you’re searching for simple home improvements or more serious hands-on home renovation projects, you better check out this YouTube channel “Home RenoVision DIY”, which has more than 1 million subscribers! Here you'll find Jeff demonstrating with 10-minute videos (on average) everything you need to know, from plumbing, to installing a new window in a wall, to carpeting your floor wall-to-wall, and even installing lights and new electricity additions! These simply explained videos show everyone can do it, and give some important and necessary tips, that even professionals can use.

Another magnificent option for DIY lovers visiting this channel, is to connect with other DIYers through the "Community" tab that is part of the channel. Jeff, the owner of this amazing channel, invites everyone to chat, consult with each other and consult with him via email, on anything related to home renovation. Other than that, Jeff started a new project in the United States – visiting the homes of subscribers and completing projects together, while filming the process, answering questions, giving tips focusing on different climates and cities he visits, showing various ways to save on costs, as well as providing good tips on what to avoid while renovating.

To sum it up - a very useful channel that guides you through many different projects, providing inspiration and great ideas, loaded with useful information communicated in a very accessible way. Very recommended indeed.

Every home, like anything else in life, needs ongoing maintenance. A dry sunny summer, a stormy winter, old piping and roofing or any other situation prone to wear and tear can cause your house significant harm that may cost you a great deal of money later on.

Discovering faults, defects, and problems in advance is crucial but can be tricky, not to mention expensive. One of the most problematic issues encountered is roof problems – faults that may lead to leaks, dampness, and overall damage to walls. These complications can affect your house for years, and one should take their repair seriously.

Fix My Roof

One fascinating and very professional British YouTube channel, “Fix My Roof”, is taking this specific goal passionately, offering you a continuously growing online resource for roofing tips, easy tricks, many “how to” videos, and much needed answers to questions you would otherwise pay quite a lot of money to settle. Every house has a roof, and every private homeowner should take care of ongoing wear and tear and make repairs before it's too late and unpleasant consequences become inevitable.

This impressive YouTube channel will guide you through anything you need to know, from the products and tools you need, through reviews on helpful electric products, to easy monthly procedures that can help maintain a healthy roof - all the way to more serious projects related to roofing. This British channel is the answer to all the questions you may have regarding roofing and can really be of use to anyone looking to fix serious roofing problems on their own – through friendly professional advice, and simple explanations to problems that may seem intimidating at first.

DIY Network

Fixing problems around the house by yourself, without the help of an expert, can raise some serious fear of failure. This is a legitimate fear of course, but like any other new skill or hobby – if you don't try, you will never know, and will definitely not get better. If you still have doubts regarding the subject, you can join a network of DIYers – an inspiring website called “DIY Network”, where you can socialize, meet other people that also love DIY, ask questions, get the newsletter, read articles, and more. This website, full of information and knowledge, may help to ease your concerns, and get you inspired with ideas that may save you a lot of money.

The knowledge provided is relevant, whether you're looking to start a new hobby, or interested in upgrading the value of your home with just a few simple steps. Consulting with experts, seeing other people that have questions like yours, and getting the answers to those questions may help you overcome your nerves and get motivated to continue the hard work, improving your skills, and raising the level of the DIY projects you take on. The website also brings together TV and online content that covers many other aspects of home improvement through insightful videos, interviews with experts, and even competitions that you may enter to win cool prizes.

In conclusion, DIY is a great hobby, that can bring you enormous satisfaction and great results, not just with home renovation projects, but in other fields you may choose to master – from arts to gardening. So, if you're feeling motivated to get going on your new DIY project, these home improvement channels will inspire and guide you on your way, through easy, well-explained, and informative videos and articles. Hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. Go ahead and start your next DIY project!

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