Patio Remodeling

The patio of your dreams – what will it take?

If you're thinking about remodeling your patio and creating a new and modern looking one - then this guide is exactly for you. You may find it's much less time consuming and a lot more affordable than you think. Shall we get to it?

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Your first step is to get rid of the old and crooked bricks you may have in place. Get a shovel and a wheelbarrow and just take them away. While you’re at it, take out 3 inches of dirt off the patio area you are planning. If you happen to have a layer of gravel under those bricks, that’s great - you can keep it in place. If you don’t, get some gravel base and sand to cover the entire portion of land you’d like to pave. Go 2 inches high using gravel and 1 inch using sand. The gravel helps minimize brick movement as well as weather effects to the paving.

Digging tip - in case you find dang roots from nearby trees make sure you cut them using a chainsaw before you start placing the gravel. Be sure not to accidently cut any power or water line while doing that. After applyin

Levelling tip - remember that your patio should have a mild slope to enable rainwater to drain away from your house. A sufficient slope is 1 inch over 8 feet.

Next you will need to compact that mix of gravel and sand, and to do so you’ll need a plate compactor - it’s a tool not many people have in their homes but you can easily rent one for the day from many tool retailers. Once the sand is all smooth and straight you can start paving.

Paving tip - choose a pattern that will not leave protruding parts of bricks around the perimeter, which you’ll need to saw down later on. Instead choose a box shaped paving style, that will create a symmetrical look. Use a mallet to place bricks and ensure they are tight and snug. As you go along, constantly measure your bricks to make sure they will fit perfectly.

After you’ve finished paving, lay down some temporary edges to keep your bricks in place. Brush the bricks clean, then cover the entire patio with polymeric sand – use a broom to help it into the spaces. This sand is to paving what grout is to tiles, it fills the gaps and will help solidify the bricks together. Wash the bricks gently with a garden hose, as the polymeric sand is activated with water. It comes in all colors so make sure to match the sand to the paving bricks you chose.

To create a perimeter around your new, beautifully paved area you can use 1 by 6 plies. Feel free to color them in any wooden color you choose.

Now all that’s left is to get some soil and plants to decorate around your beautiful new patio!

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