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Our Technology

AIQHome develops a market disrupting technological solution incorporating the powers of AI, BI and CI.

The solution is based on data analysis and automatic decision-making incorporating In-house developed unique sets of deep AI and BI algorithms with unique CI algorithms so that stats, technological conclusions, decision making and optimization are deduced from the comparable market to the individual user and the compounded data of all participating entities enables analysis of actions required by each entity to achieve individual and common goals.

The technology provides a single environment for operating and monitoring of all business processes along with fact-based decision making through detailed algorithmically analyzed reports enabling optimization and growth.

Artificial & Collaborative Intelligence

In-house developed unique sets of deep AI and BI with market disrupting sets of CI algorithms manage, control and optimize multiple aspects of the platform and portal and incorporated together form a complete technological solution.

  • Automatically creating, analyzing and optimizing advertising campaigns and user content (exposure, reach, costs, time frames and sources) to enable the creation of leads and their generation to applicable providers.

  • Automating previously manual sales processes, assuring optimal lead processing and enabling an enhanced and fully controlled sales pipeline process and increased lead to sale conversion rate.

  • Interpreting and analyzing patterns in historical data to predict new outputs and analyzing all data and feed-back flowing through the system to produce pinpointed, individual recommendations and guidance for sale process optimization and market comparison reports to enable process improvement with increased precision.
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  • Transforming unstructured data into meaningful information for efficient, precise decision making and strategy planning enabling efficient management of all business processes in all it's fields.

  • Assuring process streamlining with increased overall efficiency.

  • Automatically and continuously analyzing data from all users across the whole local market providing analyzed CI market comparison reports, establishing sets of recommendations, guidelines and data-driven recommendations or decisions based on automatic analysis driven from the full market to the individual user.

Providing all users a single environment for operating and monitoring all business processes and enabling fine-tuned optimal business performance at all times.
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Scaling and Expansion

Integrated use of AI and BI algorithms with the powers of CI in the business management platform enable maximum scaling and growth.

Ever growing and deepening data and unending flow of gathered information provides AIQHome with Big Data of very detailed nature.

Inherent AI algorithms, BI processes and collective and collaborative data sharing (CI) together produce increasingly detailed audience groups and specific needs of both businesses and clients in various market sectors.

Todays’ targets will ultimately create for AIQHome New Industry Verticals to enter and the creation of new, previously undiscovered market segments.
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Complex technology, Smart simple user interface:

The online users' portal and market-place includes a comprehensive magazine as well as an AI managed search engine and nationwide business directory enabling direct connection for the users with qualified local service providers.

The service providers' business management platform AIQPros is the first ever home improvement dedicated, AI, BI & CI managed and controlled solution catering to the full needs of service professionals – lead generation, sales processing, project management and business management enabling them optimized business management and controlled scaling.